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Thread: Raptors' realistic trade values

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    Default Raptors' realistic trade values

    Trade values are set by the market, just because one team has a need for a player, they aren't going to offer significantly more than the next highest bidder for that player.

    I see a lot of work with the Trade Machine hashing out complex salary transfers. I want to instead focus on our guys' values on the free market. What kind of talent can they bring back? What is the minimum you would move our guys for?

    Lowry - late first round (25+)
    Amir - late first rounder
    Demar - mid first round + diminutive prospect
    Hansborough/Novak - probably used as sweeteners to push one of the above from likely to ideal scenarios

    Lowry - mid first round (13 - 18)
    Amir - mid first rounder or 2 early 2nd round picks (31-40)
    Demar - top 10 2014

    If we take back future picks instead of ones for 2014, I think we can get those ideal situations.

    To keep in mind: Lowry as a rental is attractive to teams looking to compete this year, but isn't in our long term plans so likely won't be with whichever team he is traded to either.

    Also, Demar is still a big question mark to most executives. Has he really improved?
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