So over the Christmas break I introduced myself to the world of streaming video. I downloaded an application called PS3 Media Server and begun streaming video from a portable HD, via my laptop to my PS3 without any glitchy latency or any other issues.

Don't let the name of the program get to you, it apparently works well for any devices with the ability to run pictures, audio and video via a media server; those devices include smart TVs, mobile phones, non-Sony gaming consoles, other PCs, tablets, etc.). All I had to do was install the application on my laptop, enter my PC IP address in the settings and then run the program and let it run in the background.

Next thing I'm going to do is set it up to be able to stream to my Note 3 phone. I also downloaded an android app called "Media Server" so that I can stream media to my PS3/TV from my phone. This is apparently also achievable on an Apple phone. So, it's conceivable that you could enjoy Apple purchased media on a Google, Sony or Microsoft based device.