Now its Chris Sheridan from ESPN's turn to refer as the Bucks as a better team than us.

Jordan P (Milwaukee)

Can the Bucks keep up their great play as of late? And where do you see them finishing in the East? Thanks

Chris Sheridan (3:33 PM)

I think they are better than both Toronto and Chicago, so I guess that means I have to say they should be fifth when it's all said and done. getting Salmons for nothing was a superb move, and Bogut has really been impressive through this recent stretch. They are also sneaky deep with ridnour and Stackhouse, and Skiles is sharp as a tack. So, yeah, I guess I can see them finishing fifth.
Oh and this Q & A made me laugh out loud.

Jay Triano (Toronto)

Which teams have a chance of a S&T with Toronto when Bosh desides to bolt?

Chris Sheridan (3:52 PM)

When are you going to put Reggie Evans in the starting five so teams will stop treating you like patsies?
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