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If Lowry can maintain this level of play for the next few years, then one would be a fool to not want that. We're not going to draft a better PG, and we're not going to sign a better PG.

What makes me nervous is the contract year. I'm hoping his numbers are for real.
Not sure it's a huge "if". I could see him dipping a bit, although not significantly enough to worry, since as you mention, he's playing this way in a contract year.

I agree we're not going to sign a better PG...I disagree about the draft, at least with a long-term outlook. We won't draft a PG who's better than Lowry next year...We may be able to draft one who's better than Lowry in 3 years, even without a lottery pick. It would still make sense to re-sign Lowry in that scenario, if the goal is to field as competitive a team as possible. But will that be the goal? If it's not, Masai has no reason to invest in Lowry. If (just for argument's sake here people, don't want to start a debate) he decides to aim for the lottery next season, I'm sure he'd be looking to sign a worse PG to smaller money.