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Thread: so this is it huh?

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    Default so this is it huh?

    Now that there are reports, management wants to resign lowry, Is this the team we see now and in the forseeable future?

    Lowry in a couple months: Now that I've screwed you guys out of a lottery pick, give me $11 million dollars a year or I'm gone, don't like my terms, too bad, you're left in a terrible position if I leave.

    Amir: I love this city, but I'd love it more if you extended me at 8-9 million per year, never mind my game relies heavily on athleticism, and I come up wincing every 2 minutes because I fell down again.

    Derozan: Everything is good here! (pray's people don't realize he has rudy gay like efficiency and shot selection)

    Ross: I know all I do is stand in the corner and shoot 3's every once in a while, but since we're having some success, I want to get paid. You can pay me in video games and candy, cause that's what I'm going to spend the money on anyways. (this is a bit unfair, I really like ross)

    Valanciunas: I'M A BOSS. Give me max or else....

    With all this money tied up in these guys, and 2nd round playoff exit ceiling, how can we improve/win a chip? Or is someone going to get moved? Maybe Masai Ujiri when tim leweike realizes there aren't going to be any raptors in the 2016 all star game.

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