If I were Raptors GM (Which I have no qualifications for) I would:

1) Make a good Run deep as possible in the Playoffs
2) Keeping #1 above in mind – “have cake and eat it too” also like to add through this years Draft.
3) Want to extend Lowry – keep DeMar as is for now.

How to:

Use recent rise of Patrick Patterson - give him more routes to beef up his stats --- flip him now along with something else....bring something of value back.
Move Landry --- even if this means adding another teams bad contract for Landry’s so long as that adds some depth or perhaps shorter in lenght - we can pay half his salary or something creative ...
Various creative ways to move him. Everyone is good for something.

Friendly reminder to all that I have not GM Qualifications…

Thank you and Peace be with you all.

God Bless the Raptors.