Just reading Tim Chisholm's article via TSN this morning regarding the other reasons that can have attributed to the Raptors slide besides Bosh being injured and he brought up some valid points. The ones that caught my attention pertaining to Evans. Why all of a sudden has Reggie, 1) been somewhat of a focal point on offense and 2) is now playing more minutes than Amir has over the last while?

Seriously, how does any of this make sense?

That brings us to our next point, which concerns those very rotations. Obviously losing a big-minute guy like Bosh is unfortunate and will require creative roster adjustments to compensate for the loss, but Reggie Evans simply isn’t the answer. While the Raptors staff and management spent much of the time Evans was injured singing his praises, no one could have expected how much faith they had in the rugged big man. He has been eating into the minutes of the ultra-productive Amir Johnson (a nonsensical approach given how well Johnson has performed in Evans’ absence this season) while also becoming something of an – and I can’t believe I’m saying this – offensive focus at times during games. This is an absolutely laughable thought considering that Reggie Evans ranks as one of the WORST offensive options the Raptors organization has EVER employed. The man is actually shooting a career-low from the floor in his brief time this season, while shooting a career-low from the line as well, and yet when he comes into games he is given an inordinate amount of freedom to shoot the ball. In fact, in the last four games (all losses), Reggie is shooting 58% more shots per game than his career-average. Remember… he is shooting career-lows from the floor and from the line.
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