Oh boy! Has Grange lost his marbles or do you think the Raptors would actually have a chance in the slightest in convincing James to come north of the border? Leiweke and the MLSE aren't afraid to spend as they showed yesterday with the pair of TFC signings, so if isn't someone like LeBron at least, could they even pursue Durant in the summer of 2016? KD seems a little more feasible between the two considering we should be bonafide & consistent Eastern Conference contenders by then.

“How about: anything seems possible? How about: why shouldn't the Toronto Raptors make a run at LeBron James in NBA free agency this summer, with Drake as the point man?

It may not work, but it’s clear that MLSE has ambitions for all their teams now.

"We made some bold statements when I got here, and some of them are coming true, starting with TFC,” MLSE president and chief executive officer Tim Leiweke said on Tim and Sid on Sportsnet 590 The Fan Monday. “I don’t know how you can be great and aspired to be great if you don’t have high standards and goals.”
Watching all of this unfold in person was Toronto Raptors general manager Masai Ujiri. I showed him a tweet I sent out to the effect that if MLSE is spending $100-million on soccer players, it’s hard to imagine they won’t spend into the luxury tax for their NBA team.

Ujiri smiled at the thought, but Leiweke must have been reading his mind.

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