So, yesterday I log onto rapsrepublic, to check the pre game post and I see.

Gut-check game for the Raptors who are hosting Wolves two nights after shaking people’s confidence
Now to me that's just ridiculous and frustrating at the same time. These Raptors all season have proven that they have improved and deserve to be considered a playoff team, and a team that is clearly on the rise. Instead of shrugging off a bad loss like all the other decent fans around the NBA do, our confidence gets shaken!?!

I understand being a Raptors fan over the years has been tough, we're constantly disappointed by big acquisitions ( J.O, HEDO, Jarret Jack). Our draft picks take a little longer to develop than people like ( DeRozan, JV, T-Ross), but at the end of the day we're having a season where it's all coming together, and we let one game mess with us?

LISTEN UP RAPS FANS! Part of being a good organization and maintaining a level of respectability starts with us. We need to believe in our team like the Celtics, Lakers, Golden State, OKC, Houston etc fans do. I bet they'll be guys coming in here being like oh Celtics and Lakers are storied franchises BLAH BLAH. What about OKC? WHat about Golden State? These teams even when they suck they're fans are backing them full fledged. Us on the other hand are quick to run for the hills and beg our GMs to "BLOW IT ALL UP" for a chance at what?? Hoping we land a good pick? Then hoping said pick works out? Yes analytics nerds I know the stats behind the importance of good draft picks, but at the end of the day I enjoy winning basketball. We right now are playing winning basketball, and it's time for a franchise's fans to get on board and act like we're part of a winning franchise. We could learn a lesson from our counter parts in the Hockey World. Those leafs fans although irrational most the time. NEVER GIVE UP ON THEIR TEAM. Time for us to do the same.

Ask yourself this: If you were a free agent would you want to come play for a city with such fickle fans? Who can't even start believing in their team when THE REST OF THE LEAGUE does? There's been more coverage, more props given to the Raps this year then any in recent years. Even more so than back when Bosh was here. I absolutely understand that for the atmosphere at the ACC to be as good as it is in other arenas the team will have to earn it in the playoffs. In the mean time let's back them up? Rather than getting down every time we lose a game. Even if it's to a team we should of beat.

Yes the Celtics are a joke this year and by no means should anyone of apologized for saying so before hand. It's blatant they're trying to lose, and it's blatant that we are the better team. Miami lost to the Knicks and Nets this year and a few more, think their fans the next day were like "man we're no longer contenders?"

Get with it guys, we're not gonna win every game, but we will compete enjoy it!