According to Doug Smith that's the vibe he's been getting around the organization. Do you guys feel that keeping DeRozan on that short leash is justified and if so and there is a change that needs to be made at the SG spot, do you think it should be Wright replacing DeMar or should Sonny also get some consideration?

And just in idle chitchat with a few folks around the team, I get the sense that DeMarís on a rather short leash these days as far as his position in the starting lineup goes.

No oneís suggesting a move to replace him Ė and Iíd imagine it would have to be for Antoine Wright Ė is imminent but if he doesnít start having a great impact on games, I can see it happening.

And by impact I donít mean 20 points and eight rebounds. I mean a consistent effort every night at both ends of the floor, no floating, no constantly losing his man on screens, no long stretches of indifference or one-on-five play. Pure and simple hard work.

They donít get it long enough.

I was all for the way they used him this season, a crash course in the tough night-to-night life of a NBA shooting guard and there can be no question heís a better player today than he was on opening night.

Kidís still got a good work ethic in practice, at post-practice and during his preparation for games but it hasnít translated often enough into anything special once the ball goes up.

But itís truly winning time now and the mild sense I get is that there are those in the organization who think a change may eventually have to be made.
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