WOW ... first there was this from a couple weeks ago regarding Jay's lack of preparation because of the Men's Olympic hockey game and now this today.

Maybe I'm overreacting, but is this kind of stuff things you should be admitting in public to the media?

Triano said he was worrying about scouting reports he had to take with him for the trip and everything else except for the game against the Sixers the next day.

“Every Saturday night I go home but I don’t go home until I feel good about my coverages and everything,” he said. “When I went home Saturday after I finished my prep I wasn’t thinking about the next day’s game. I was thinking about: ‘Do I have that scouting report from the last time we played Portland?’ so my focus wasn’t good.”

Triano can only imagine what it had to be like for the players who were getting their families settled before embarking on the extended west coast trip.

“We tried at 9:30 (Sunday morning) to go over all our coverages and you could just see we weren’t very sharp and sure enough we made silly mistakes,” he said.
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