I’m really tired of how easily teams exploit Triano’s defensive help scheme. Giving guards a path to the basket to force help is one of the worst and idiotic plans I’ve ever seen. Watch how our guards try to force the dribble one way or the other before the offense of the opposition is even set, let alone our defense. Half our guys aren’t even aware of when to rotate (which is always according to Triano). This leads to one of our bigs rotating to help (or not, for uncontested layups), leaving their original assignment open for easy layups. This is not how you play defensive basketball. A team should be doing everything possible to stop the point of attack and ONLY rotate when penetration happens. I know this occurs a lot with Jose on the floor but if you actually pay attention, 70% of the time its planned to allow a blow by.

This recurring theme during 2nd halfs is appalling, and I can’t remember the last time the won a 3rd quarter. Granted, Udrih was hot, but half his jumpers were in the paint for the very same reason stated above. It’s pretty easy to exploit when a coach that actually realizes it, communicates it to their team at the break. Having players that are as gifted off the bounce as Evans only compounds an already dire scheme.

On a side note, I’m sick and tired of Leo’s retarded comments of “keep feeding the ball to Bargs, he’s hot and not getting involved in the offence”, then on the flip side, when Bargs actually does take a bunch of consecutive shots with limited success, he spews out “Bargs is forcing right now and needs to get his teammates involved” This is the broken record of Leo with a wide range of topics, and always stating the obivious as if he is the only one who see’s it. and please Matt Devlin, shut the fuck up and call the game, your humor is both fake and non-existent.

It would be interesting to see the Raps 3rd Q stats, Off reb, PiP given up, and such, but I’m to lazy to research it…..