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Thread: Brian Colangelo interview on Fan 590 recap

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    Default Brian Colangelo interview on Fan 590 recap

    Here is a recap I got from realgm:

    Schedule is the schedule, falling short right now.
    Team is like Jekyll and Hyde
    Disappointed with Turk, hasn't adapted to new teammates. Both him and us. Needs to do more "lay it out there".
    Turks nonchalance is a defense mechanism. Comfortable level w/ teammates took time in ORL.
    Turk is showing signs...#'s aren't far off what BC projected.
    Waiting for switch to turn on....heat of the playoff run is coming.
    his best basketball is ahead of him
    - It has taken longer then expected
    - Was playing well but then had the face issue

    Chris Bosh is healthy, conditioning aspect is an issue.
    Ball moves differently with Chris. Lacking talent without Chris.
    - team needs to make adjustments from half (qtr to qtr)
    - team needs to adjust to playing with bosh again

    He said players since then all star break are playing selfish and their agents are telling him that they're not playing enough minutes on a daily basis
    he's planning to meet with the team, to take the "temperature" of the Raps and feel out the players. Basketball Forum
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    Wonder if POB's agent was giving BC a hard time. The only guys who might be complaining are those looking for a new deal next year...excepting CB...Amir, Rasho, Wright & POB. Everyone else have more than a year left. So are we to believe this is a legit beef? If its Wright sit his ass down (he seems to be heaving some inadvisable j lately).

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