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Thread: Raps need to shake their starting lineup a bit

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    Quote ceez wrote: View Post
    Man what the hell has happened to Amir?
    Here is an article on the subject. It turns out that he has an ankle bone bruise, just like Hansbrough did. He needs to let it rest or it could become worse; a bone bruise is one step short of a fracture.

    <“Just certain movements on the floor,” he said. “I feel like I can make a move and then I can’t just because I’m babying it. Just little stuff like being able to box out a defender and go grab the ball and do other stuff. That nagging pain is just bothering me.”>

    <“Absolutely,” he said. “I want to be, but there are just some plays I really can’t get to the ball or make a play because my ankle just holds me back. I usually play through this.”>

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    I love Amir's character. He plays when injured. He's the anti-Carter.. the anti-Bosh. He's the opposite of soft. The problem is that when he's playing hurt (and this isn't the first time he's been playing hurt in his career) he's a detriment to the team. Unfortunately with JV still developing Amir has to be the top guy on defense. And when he's hurt the front court is just so much weaker and the team has to play so much harder to try and win.

    Casey needs to bench Amir and look at Tyler (preferably) or Patrick to fill in for him. Give him until after the all-star break and then re access.

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