A good read courtesy of RealGM

The takeaway from spending a little bit of time around the Raptors in Los Angeles on Tuesday is that this feels like Jarrett Jack’s team.

As much as Bosh is Toronto’s best player and one of the best half dozen players in the NBA, he doesn’t impact either the game or the locker room with a leadership presence the way Kevin Garnett did a couple years ago or LeBron James does now.

While the Raptors were on their way to giving back an eight-point halftime lead to the Lakers in the third quarter, Jack scored 13 of the team’s 26 points, on a perfect 3-for-3 from the floor and six-for-six from the line.

Because the Toronto froncourt is loaded with face-up offensive players in Bosh, Andrea Bargnani and Hedo Turkogu, the immense value of Jack’s dribble penetration and 12.1% draw foul rate compared to Jose Calderon’s 6.1% is evident.

Statistically, Jack and Calderon are strikingly similar players with their per minute production and shooting percentages being nearly identical with the exception of the former being the better rebounder, penetrator and the latter having a superior assist/turnover ratio.

If Calderon were playing with a more extroverted franchise player, his full potential as a starting point guard would be maximized. But Jack’s assertive control of the game and ability to create his own offense complements Bosh’s occasional passivity more appropriately.

Is Jack the PG of the future for this team? What do we do with Caldy?