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Thread: We really need Greg Monroe.

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    Quote BigCamB wrote: View Post
    haha, pretty similar response
    Haha beat you to it.

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    Quote tenforthewin wrote: View Post
    We need a defensive tough minded PF, No Monroe, Love, or Ilyasova. Who are some of the defensive big in the league right now. We have shooters in Lowry, DeRozan, and Ross. We need a defensive big who can produce a little bit better than Amir. Anyone?

    Though he's not a "big" defender in the sense of protecting the rim, Ilyasova has actually been a very good defender for most of his career. He doesn't get blocks, but he plays very solid man and team D, and he draws charges very well. *But as even I said in the thread about him, there's really no point to pursuing him now. Maybe if they don't bring back Patterson.

    Udoh is probably the best option on that list. But none of those guys produce better than Amir in any tangible or intangible way.

    We need to be patient with Jonas. We need a backup big with legit C size behind him, and if we can't get a star (or near-star) PF, platooning a pair like Amir and Patterson (hustle big and a stretch 4 who are both sound defensively) is a pretty good option.

    *I wish Hansbrough was a couple inches taller. He plays a lot like a C in many ways.

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