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This is why it probably won't ever happen. It would work though. Maybe have the players get paid into a trust fund or something that they're allowed to access when they leave school? Is that a loop hole? Or one that the NCAA might allow?
Eff the NCAA.

I don't take any reference to slavery lightly or in jest but for a lot of those athletes it is pretty damn close. Or maybe Roman Gladiators might be a better comparison.

If players want to make money immediately, head to Europe like Brandon Jennings or go through the D-League like Rice did last year and Hairston is doing this year or without the NCAA fallout and take older T'Po's lead.

Those who are actually going to school to get a legit education, go for it. Those who are killing a year before the draft, go to the NBA D'League. Play in NBA rules. Make some coin (no matter how small). Realize how shitty professional basketball travel and accommodations can be so when you make the NBA you aren't an entitled little bitch who has a big wake up call coming after year 2 of your guaranteed contract.