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The one guy I keep thinking about, especially if LAL is happy tanking this season and wants to clear as much salary as possible for the offseason, is Nick Young. He's making $1.12M this season, with a $1.23M player option for next season (might not use it, if he feels he can sign for more after a decent season this year). He'd be a great scoring option off the bench, especially given the lack of wing depth on the roster.

The Raps could use TPE or offer somebody like Stone/Buycks, perhaps along with OKC's 2014 2nd round pick.
I really dislike Nick Young, but you are right, he could fill that role. I don't trust Young to play intelligent ball and since team chemistry is something working in our favor, he is definitely a risky choice.

Personally, I'd rather keep Patterson on the bench and re-assess via draft and free agency.