I don't even want to waste the energy to make an elaborate post explaining

1. lowry's impending free agency, looks like we are going to overpay or let him walk for nothing, plus money that must be thrown at jv and ross next year preventing us from having the capspace to sign impact players

2. mediocre talent. No way to improve through draft, derozan extremely overrated, 1 dimensional. Not a likely chance superstar will be willing to come here based on history of franchises ability to attract talent. Trading for a talented player? Unlikely.

3.unproven GM masai. All he has shown is that he can get rid of lost causes and get a decent return (melo,bargnani,gay), there is nothing to indicate he can build a contener.

Basically what I'm saying is I don't see this ending well, and it is extremely frustrating, it's been a blast later guys.