I like JV. I think he's got some skills. I don't know if he's the future of the franchise, but I think he's going to be a great centre in this league for a long time. But there are two things he does, multiple times every game, that drive me nuts, and really shows his age. On the offensive end, when there's a no-call, he waits a few seconds before running back to play defence. He throws his arms in the air. In the Atlanta game I've already seen it happen twice where it lead to his man getting a basket at the other end, and it's still the first half. It's been happening all season and I have no idea why the coaching staff hasn't corrected it. Jonas has no problem sprinting like a horse after sending an outlet pass. He can run fast.

The other thing that makes him seem kind of childish is that he never, ever accepts a foul being called on him. Obviously there are going to be questionable calls. But every time, JV goes for the Oscar: "who, me!?" or he does his patented wrist-drop dismissal gesture that's already garnered him a tech or two. The kid needs to learn to focus on the game no matter what is going on with the refs, and not expect to get bailed out with a whistle when he misses a rebound battle.