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Until JV shows he can be a threat down low almost everytime he has the ball down there, I wouldn't run too many plays through him. He gets a few looks & has pretty much 1 go to move.

He should get better with time. Right now, his role is good for where he is in his development.
I agree, JV needs to work in a little more variety into his post ups, although I've seen enough to believe that he's more than capable of doing so, as he's shown a baseline spin to create space for a jump hook (not sure why he almost never does this though, as the entire league knows he's going to drive into the middle of the paint for his running hook at this point lol), as well as the occasional up n' under and mid-range jumper. I think at this point, it more a question of habit, comfort and confidence.

I don't think they should give him more than he can handle or deserve right now, but I thinkworking some consistent pick n' roll sets with the intention of setting JV up as the roll man into the team's offense would be great for his development. Especially since getting those easy buckets would hopefully reduce his tendency to force the issue on offense when his game isn't on.