The one thing I absolutely hate about Casey is his stubbornness. He never makes any sort of adjustment even when its not working!! He let Rudy do whatever he wanted on the offense even though he was shooting 38%. He also calls himself a defensive minded coach but never tried to get Andrea bargnani to play any defense. When demar constantly lets players blow by him on closeouts and other plays he never reprimands him! But as soon as Terrence Ross or Jonas do anything remotely bad be yanks them and yells at them. He and Masai always talk about development but by letting the younger guys see that if Coach Casey coins you the best player you don't have to play any defense! You don't have to take smart shots! You can do whatever you like because your the player Casey deemed "Our Guy"!! This is why id be extremely happy if Casey was not brought back next year! Everything he does is inconsistent from player to player