I want him to return as much as the next fan, but when you look at his career with us over the last 7 seasons .... really, what has he done?

For this team, not himself.

Perhaps parting ways and rebuilding in a different direction is what this team needs.

This is Chris Bosh’s seventh, and possibly last season with the Toronto Raptors — and to date not a single playoff round has been won in that time.

That will not change this year, assuming the Raptors qualify for the playoffs, which at this stage is no sure thing.

Which begs the question: Why all the angst over whether Bosh stays with the Raptors or leaves? As great a player as he is, as good a person as he has seemed to be, as solid a basketball citizen as he has been in Toronto, it hasn’t translated to any real success of any kind for the Raptors.

They have had one great regular season in seven through Bosh’s growing from young man to adult. One great regular season that still wound up with a first-round elimination. This has been Bosh’s best NBA season, yet the Raptors flounder from game to game, month to month lacking an identity, bouncing from disinterest to interest, from no passion to passionate. They are more a collection of players than they are any kind of team.

This is not necessarily Bosh’s doing. It is far easier to point fingers at the general manager, the coach, and the rest of his teammates. But on the court, he’s still the focal point. The player you build around. And through seven seasons, the Raptors have yet to build anything meaningful around Bosh. They don’t contend with him, and soon they may have to adapt to not contending without him.
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