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Exactly. There is a 0% chance we are beating Miami under any circumstances. Indiana though, especially if they have a little injury trouble, there is at least a chance. A small chance, but a chance none the less.

I think its also most likely that Miami finishes with the #1 seed, so if we can keep it up, Indy very likely a round 2 opponent.
I don't think it's impossible. It wouldn't even take a major injury. A few (unlikely) things would need to happen in the playoffs for us to beat Miami.

A- Lowry would need to play at his highest level to cause a matchup problem that would require them to put james on him for a bit. He would also need to bother their PG's constantly on defense, forcing miami to use Wade and James to be the ball-handlers more often.

B- Demar would need to go at wade, and make his shots. In the post, off the drive, catch and shoot off screens- and get him into foul trouble. He would also need to play at least average defense on him. His athleticism has always given him potential to play good defense, he'd need to utilize some of it.

C- Ross needs to play his best defense on James. And he needs to keep moving- we saw how it tired james out to run through screens chasing ross when the Heat played us earlier in the year. James can do it, but over a seven-game series?

D- 2-Pat and Amir need to do what they do best. Patterson needs to make them defend the pick-and-pop, forcing the Heat to not be able to trap so aggressively. And Amir needs to fight for boards, create chances, and anchor the defense.

E- JV needs to play at the high level we've seen flashes of at a consistent level. Force the heat to pay for going big. Gobble up rebounds, make himself a problem in the post, and keep the damn ball high.

In addition to this, Casey would have to be smart with his rotations, use his timeouts properly, and use more variation on offense. If all this happens, we'd have a shot.