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Rondo is not transcendent, on offense. The man can't shoot. Even Obama called him out on that one, lol. I remember JVG calling a Celtics game and said that he felt Rondo should be relatively easy to defend... just back off him and make him a shooter.

Yes, he's a nice defender, but a transcendent player needs to be able to create offense when the entire opposing team is keying on him; however, Rondo is bare above average usage (20%) with pathetic ORTG. Discounting this year, Rondo's ORTG is 101, 103 & 104. And here on RR we slam Derozan for ORTG of 108-109 @ 28% USG?

Basically, Rondo has done squat since the Celtics big 3 started declining, beginning around 2010-11 season. Too flawed a player, and also a bit of head-case. Massively overrated, and calling him transcendent is a joke. It's funny how transcendent player, now seems to mean "a good player on a winning team that made it to finals multiple times", that we're now overlooking the player contribution himself. There's so much luck and opportunity involved in getting to the finals.
Look at you throwing out ORTG everywhere now!