From ESPN Rumor Central:

Raptors forward Chris Bosh went off on his teammates after their loss to Golden State on Saturday. Even though they lost again on Sunday to Portland, head coach Jay Triano liked that Bosh spoke up about his frustration.

"It's the same thing we have been saying over and over," Triano told the Toronto Sun of Bosh's comments. "Players feel the frustration the same way the coaches do and that's good. There are times we sit in there as coaches and wonder: 'Do these guys care as much as we do?' And they do. When he responds like that, it means that he does care. He's trying to encourage other guys to get this thing turned around."

Even though Bosh isn't the outspoken type, Triano wasn't surprised by what he said.

"I don't think you can say it's not like him," Triano said. "There have been times throughout his career where he has been frustrated."

I dont know about other people, but the last few games it looked as though Bosh had checked himself out mentally. Maybe this means he still cares about the Raptors... In this slide there has been very little to be happy about, maybe Bosh showing some emotion could be a positive.