So I went about my day as usual. Listening to my different sports podcasts that I usually listen. Had extra spare time so I listened to the ones I had miss last week. I fell on this BS report from last week. Bill Simmons interview Chad Ford about the draft and Zach Lowe about potential trades that could of happened. A real great listen.

What I really took away was their diagnosis of Kyle Lowry free agency and his persona. They both describe Lowry as an ass hole. Not for the reasons you think though. Zach Lowe goes on saying that Kyle is just such a competitor and cares so much about winning. That pretty much if you don't match his intensity and willingness to win that he could rub you the wrong way. I'd like to know what everybody's impression of Lowry is and if it's at all changed from the beginning of the season.

50 min mark for raptor related

Also found this interview with DD and Bill Simmons at All-Star weekend. Where they also discuss Kyle's persona.

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