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Thread: Kyle Lowry is Not a "Shoot-first" "Scoring" Point Guard

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    Quote Abused Raptors Fan wrote: View Post
    P.s. if you'd like to see some evidence in support of this phenomena, follow this link:
    It's not just in sports. In my past life, when associates were up for partnership their numbers would almost, without fail, materially improve (mine did). It's why virtually all partnership models work on 2 or 3 year rolling averages as opposed to one year results. Also, we'd almost always see a drop in first year partnership performance cause all first year partners made the same regardless of financials, even though it hurt people over time.

    Just human nature...

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    Obviously other factors play into this, and not all athletes experience the post-contract lull. In Derozan's case, he actually had more motivation after his contract was signed as he set out to disprove those who thought he was seriously overpaid. That, and Derozan's natural progression asa player combined with an eexcellent work ethic meant he was less likely to regress than some other players. But again, I never said that IS why Lowry was struggling, only that it was something for us to consider as fans.

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