I hate to make a reactionary thread, but nobody on the Raptors has me up and down as much as Greivis Vasquez. Tonight was a great example (though I've had these thoughts for a while). He can make some big shots and run the pick and roll beautifully. But he also gives it all back with poor defense and shot selection. Still, he's a huge upgrade on Augustine/Stone/Buycks and is an above average backup PG, but I cringe whenever he gets extended minutes. It seems like he looks for his shot first, rather than trying to run the offense.

The team is thin on the wing, so I think we'll see a lot of Lowry/Vasquez units down the stretch and during the playoffs. Hopefully the coaching staff is working with him to reign in his shot selection and make better decisions. I've had these thoughts for a while, I'm curious to see how other's view Vasquez. Am I being too critical/reactionary?