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Thread: Feschuk's Turn to Rip Into the Raptors

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    Default Feschuk's Turn to Rip Into the Raptors

    Is it just me or for the last couple seasons does it seem that Dave only writes about the Raptors when the chips are down? (granted, he's pretty accurate here)

    And witness the recent work of Chris Bosh, wherein he has appeared to throw up his hands and deflect all responsibility for a black hole of a slump that has seen Toronto lose five in a row and 10 of 13 since the all-star break. Blame the ankle injury that kept him out six games a while back, but there are those within the team who will tell you Bosh's injury has nothing to do with his diminished impact.

    With his numbers topped up he's averaging a career-best 24 points and 11 rebounds a game the free-agent-to-be often looks like his mind is, er, elsewhere.
    You can bash Bosh's merits as a No. 1 banana in this league, but the truth is he's currently co-manning a starting lineup occupied by a bunch of other highly paid pros who are grossly under-performing. The scientific term for the majority of Bosh's teammates is "a bunch of gutless pooches."

    "It's perplexing," said Bryan Colangelo, the man who concocted this mix and has continually acknowledged he's to blame if it bombs. "There's no doubt that we've regressed back to the level we started the season with."

    Change is coming.
    Said Bosh: "Frustration and crying and pouting and all that stuff is not going to get it done."

    And neither, Chris Bosh wants you to know, is Chris Bosh.

    His work here apparently is done.
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    he's been writing fairly consistently about the raps all season. it's not an every game kind of thing, but it's not like he's been waiting until they started playing like garbage to pounce.
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    "Is it just me or for the last couple seasons does it seem that Dave only writes about the Raptors when the chips are down? (granted, he's pretty accurate here)"

    I have always thought of him as being a upfront writer on the state of the realm. I think he has a good cop/bad cop thing going with the beat writers on the sports teams in TO. Cant see Smith writing a piece like it and then resume the back slapping with the boys.

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    Even if Bosh already made his mind, he still would like to make the playoffs.
    I just hope that everyone else realize that because of their selfish ways that may not happen.

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    I can't imagine anyone writing anything positive about the raptors right now. This feels like one of the low points in franchise history. Only all star about to leave, limited young talent, holes at positions 1-5, coach can't seem to get the team on the same page, core consisting of overpaid, under performing European players who posses a flair for offense and a disdain for defense.

    As a passionate raptor fan I can't decide whether I even want Bosh to resign. As a rational person I can't imagine why he would. Best case scenario he does and we are a middling play off team for the next few years. Lucky enough to get out of the first round, unlucky enough to run into Bron as he puts up 40-20-10-5-5 on us for five games.

    I still think this team can theoretically put it together this season and finish 6th or 7th seed. Running into Cleveland is a death sentence, albeit a mesmerizing one. Orlando on paper is intimidating and a defensive nightmare for closing out on thier myriad of shooters. Nonetheless, they represent an emotional roller coaster I would line up for. Everyone gets in such a huff about Atlanta's athleticism and forgets that they have never won anything and needed 7 games to dismantle a watered down heat led by an exhausted Wade. I could easily see them looking past us, getting injured re Joe's heel or being equally distracted by his impending free agency.

    The problem with the raps is when they are playing poorly it always seems like they are worse than they are and when they are on a run it always seems they are better than they are. They are a team seemingly incapable of playing to thier actual skill level. A reality equally infuriating and tantalizing.

    It's up to the leader of the team to right the ship when its sails off course and if Bosh feels he deserves to be a max player being built around than yes I would like to go see him score 40, put the team on his back and carry us to the finish line.

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