1. Terrence Ross over Kenneth Faried

The 2013-14 Dunk of the Year — with a week left in the season, anyway – comes from Terrence Ross, a two-time Slam Dunk Contest champion (if you count the 2014 team title he won with East teammates Paul George and John Wall). The 6-foot-6 wing understands better than almost anyone how helpful it can be to cock the ball back before delivery. His transition obliteration of Kenneth Faried — a two-time victim on this list — was a perfect example of this approach.

After collecting a deflection, Ross took off on the break in a quasi two-on-two situation. As he passed at halfcourt, he seemed to reluctantly decide that it was time to challenge Faried one-on-one. That reluctance was gone by the time he hit the three-point arc, as he picked up steam and looked to get his stride right. Taking off from well outside the protected circle, Ross leaped powerfully towards Faried’s body before stretching his right arm way back so that the ball would be out of harm’s way. Faried showed excellent hang time, though, so Ross still had to finish the one-handed dunk over a contesting effort. He somehow managed to do just that, even though his body seemingly corked and uncorked throughout the process. The clean finish made this one that much more amazing.