So on top of being #1 in the League in 4th Quarter scoring, I heard Matt say during the 76ers game that the Raps are 33-2 when leading after 3. Wasn't sure if much had been made of this stat, but I think it says ALOT about the kind of group we have here.

As a long time Raptors fan, for years I've never been comfortable with a lead. Ever.
We could be by 20 and it would usually be gone by half time...
Or up 10-15 going into the 4th and it's erased just minutes into the quarter ... any long time Raps fan knows what I'm talking about ... so the fact that this team is 33-2 when leading after 3 Quarters is Remarkable, to say the least.
Being able to play with a lead is, according to Casey (and he's not the first to say it), the hardest thing to do. So to be able to carry a record like that into the playoffs is big time in my opinion.

Not to mention, the Raptors are #1 in 4th Quarter scoring as well, are they not?

These are the kinds of things you want going into the Playoffs. A team who knows how to play when the pressure is on.