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Yes and no. At this moment in NBA history, things are more complicated in that most teams want to be able to roll out a big lineup as well as a small-ball lineup. This necessarily means that you have to keep a variety of rotations sharp + game ready.

Just look at Pops: he's routinely playing 13 players a night.

My qualm lately with Casey is that he actually hasn't been playing enough players; I think he should be playing Fields more. We're going to need him to defend LBJ if we run into Miami.
I couldn't agree more. Now is the time to see what they have at the end of the bench (Fields, De Colo, etc.) Especially since Salmons has been terrible at the end of back-to-backs; I fear the playoff grind will wear on him. It would have been nice if Fields was getting burn and gaining confidence going into the playoffs. Even with horrible shooting, I like his defense, passing, and movement off the bench.

One aspect about Casey this year that sometimes gets overlooked is he is good at making in-game adjustments. This bodes well since teams are so heavily scouted in the playoffs. He's been the assistant on two very good teams that went to the finals (Sonics and Mavs). So he has some experience in the playoffs learning from Carlisle and Karl.