I think a huge problem with our perimeter defense is our desire to help our bigs inside.

Example: Today vs. Atlanta, Jose cheats off his man inside to go "help" Reggie, who is holding Horford very well about 12+ feet from the rim.

This is useless. What help can Jose possibly hope to provide here? In my opinion, Horford is not much of a threat handling the ball this far out, and Reggie was doing an EXCELLENT job of keeping Al in front of him.

Jose's only hope of providing ACTUAL assistance is forcing a turnover by trapping Al (which won't happen, as Horford will just pass over Calderon to Bibby), or getting a lucky steal by having active hands in the passing lane (very unlikely).

Pretty low percentage help. Meanwhile, we get torched from the 3.

All of our wings do this- we go in to help at times when we really don't NEED to, and it frees up the (now) open threes.

What's the reasoning? I don't get it.