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Thread: Should we throw the Knicks game? Some math...

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    I'm actually not sure why people want to play the Wizards over the Nets btw.

    The Nets are a terrible road team (16-24). We're 2-2 against them. The first loss was when we still had Gay. In the post-Gay era we're 2-1 against them. One of those wins was actually without DeRozan, and in the loss Ross, Val and especially DeMar all played like crap which is a very rare occurrence.

    I'm of the belief that the best player in a series usually wins the series. As much as basketball is a team sport, that's how things tend to work in the playoffs. Whichever team has the best player (not best player in general but best in that series) tends to win it. Imo, Lowry and DeRozan are better than anyone on the Nets. I can't really say the same for the Wizards because they have that guy John Wall. Normally, you could make a case that any one of those 3 (Lowry, DeMar, Wall) is the best player. But we all saw that last Wizards game. Wall is capable of elevating his game to a very high level, and he could do that in a series and just end up taking it over and beating us, I don't think Brooklyn has a player like that.

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    Well both are dangerous.

    Pierce can beat a team all on his own. Joe Johnson is a beast when motivated.

    So can Williams.

    But you're right wall can too.

    Point is. NONE of this matters..... a mathematically calculated 1.5% advantage means nothing at all. Nothing. Once that ball is in play, its the playoffs...... period.

    Toronto, its players, coaches and even fans should only have one focus, one care, one worry....and thats doing what THEY need to do, and thats Toronto taking care fo what THEY control.

    And thats it.

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    Edit, wrong thread

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