It was a good interview - Eric Smith did I nice job, I thought - and at about 8:30 of the interview, Antonio Davis said ď... and you donít realize it until kinda after the fact and itís too late ... itís the same thing with the Vince scenario ... I can remember us talking about ... Ďhey, you donít get these kind of opportunities, kid, we understand about graduating and all of that ... but ... you just donít get Ďem ... so ... while youíre here you have to make the best of it, you have to put all your energy and focus into it because you never know when youíre gonna get backí. And look, Vince has played all those years and heís never been back in that situation again ...Ē

I kind of sat up straight and listened hard when he said that, because, though I may not have just ever heard it ... (try as I might) I canít recall any player from then ever addressing that huge Raptors-history moment-in-time. Thought it was interesting to hear that (it sounds like) it actually WAS discussed with Vince before he left that Sunday morning to go to his graduation ceremony in North Carolina, before then flying back to Philadelphia for that historic game seven. ĎCause ... like I said, I donít recall it ever being said that it was.

Not much to discuss here, I know. Itís ancient history ... but thereís a reason we study history. Plus, this is a subject that will occasionally be remembered (and sometimes discussed) as long as Iím a Raptors fan, Iím quite certain.