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But it works like this, you see Kevin Durant make swish after swish after swish, then you see him shoot an airball and your thought process is "he must've been fouled" because what happened goes against the norm. Guys like Durant, Jordan, Lebron, Kobe, etc. build up a reputation as being able to make shots, so when they don't you give them the benefit of the doubt and give them a 50/50 call every time. Of course it's not right but it's just how our mind's operate.

If we were playing pickup and you hack me 4 times in a row while I'm shooting the 5th time I miss most people are going to think you fouled me.

Again if we had played a great game and lost because of bad calls that's one thing, but playing like shit and complaining about a 3-1 foul disparity in the 4th quarter is idiotic.
Oh, I fully agree that our loss had nothign to do with reffing, nor do I care to debate that.

This is something I despise in general. Why? Because our minds do not actually all operate like that. It's hard to escape some small amount of bias, but it's fully possible to ref the play, and not the players, if you catch my drift. And it is something that is evaluated with refs at every level...as in, if you're reffing a high school game, and one guy is clearly dominating, some refs will be more influenced (even if not intentionally) into giving that guy a favorable whistle, and some won't, and this is something that's noted whenever you're evaluated for a game. In fact, they try to teach you to be as much like the latter as possible when you start reffing (at least when I did). At the NBA level, you'd think they'd do everything they can to ensure more of their refs fit into the latter category, but watching the games (of any team) it really just doesn't feel like that, at least not nearly as much as you'd hope.