Seeing how these two sites seem to be the ones that most fans refer too, I'll updated this threads weekly of where the Raptors lie with respect to the rankings. Over time we can critique the rankings too.

17 Toronto (17) 5-5 Pace: 94.6 (17), Off: 113.1 (1), Def: 112.0 (30)
Here's a question sparked by some talk on twitter: If the Raps continue to be an awful defensive team, does that hurt Chris Bosh's value as a free agent? He's putting up great numbers this year, but shouldn't a max player be great on both ends of the floor?
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Here's what Marc Stein at ESPN had to say about us this week:

16 (15) Raptors 5-5
The most galling part about Sunday's narrow loss in Phoenix -- besides wasting the latest good game in Chris Bosh's best-ever start -- is that the Raps' much-maligned D made the Suns work so hard to get to 101.
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