Not referring to the present time which by all accounts we're currently drowning in our own misery, but after this season moving forward can some please convince me that greener pastures are around the corner?

Most Raptors fans think Bosh is as good as gone now, but let's say he does sign a maximum contract with us. Financially we pretty much have no cap room to do anything else (re-signing Amir or other potential free agents), BC also traded away all of our draft picks unless we miss the playoffs this year which we'll have this summer, three contracts in Bargnani, Hedo and Jose that are next to impossible to move and what now seems a coach that can't motivate this team of misfits or a coach that the players are just blocking out now.

I'm not looking for a band aid to fix this franchise, I think at this point a significant surgery is required. That being said, what are our best options right now? As much as I love Bosh, re-signing him doesn't make sense unless Colangelo can move other pieces to builder a stronger more cohesive unit of players that can compliment one another.

So, what are our feasible options this summer and what should this franchise do?

Sincerely and miserably yours,