This team is just not good.
There is a lack of chemestry and a lack of talent
We dont have the peices to be a great team
We are pressed up against the cap

The only way i see change coming in the offseason is if BC decided to tear the team down. Thats the only way to change the team.

its obvious our "offensive" mindset isnt the way to win. It has become obvious that the way to win is with young, athletic players, who can play defence. Every team is buliding this way except the Raptors.

This team is not in a good position. Even if we trade our core guys we still have to take back salary, and i dont think a team is just waiting to pick up our mess.

I want to know which one of you thinks the Raptors can win, with this type of team? It has become a perimeter and gaurd league. And the Raptors only have bigs. The reason we get torched every night is because we have no one to answer for the Stephen Curry's, the Brandon Roys's, the Kobe's (you get the picture)

Atlanta- Joe Johnson, Crawford, Smith
Boston- Pierce, Rondo Charlotte- Wallace, Jackson
Chicago- Rose, Deng
Cleveland- Lebron, Williams,
Dallas- Butler, Marion, Kidd
Denver- Melo, Smith, Billups, Lawson
Detroit- Gordon, Stuckey,
Golden State- Curry, Ellis, Morrow
Houston- Ariza, Martin, Brooks
Indiana- Granger
LA Clippers- Gordon, Davis
LA Lakers- Kobe, Artest
Memphis- Mayo, Gay, Colney
Miami- Wade, Beasley
Milwaukee- Jennings, Salmons
Minnesota- Flynn
New Jersey- Harris, CDR
New Orleans- Paul, Collison
New York- Gallinari, Wilson Chandler?
Oklahoma City- Westbrook, Harden, Durant
Orlando- Vince, Nelson
Philadelphia- Young, Iggy
Phoenix- Nash, Richardson
Portland- BRoy, Batum
Sacramento- Evans, Casspi
San Antonio- Parker, Manu
Utah- Williams
Washington- Howard, Thornton, Foye?

Toronto- WHOTHEFACKDOWEHAVE? Calderon.. ha. Derozan=Unproven. Turk..No Comment

Its a gaurd leauge and we have no gaurds. Every other team has 1 or 2 solid-good players for the 1, 2, 3 spots the Raptors, IMO, have none.

So time for BC so look at the facts, realize that this is not the way to bulid a team, and try to blow it up in the offseason.
Even if we make playoffs, we will never win with this type of team.