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He also claims he wants to be built around. It would be pretty cool to go the worst team in NBA history and turn them around in one year. That's the kind of ego boost a guy like Bosh could thrive off.

It really depends on how delusional he is. He still thinks he is a class A superstar and that wherever he goes automatically will become winning time. I feel like most guys in this league truly believe they would be all stars if only they got enough touches.
I don't know. If Bosh quits on the Raptors I think that whole idea of him being "the man" dies right then and there. You can defend what the Nets might someday be all you like but they aint there now and this is Bosh's prime years we're talking about. He's going to take the safe bet. Teams like the Lakers, Spurs, Mavs, and Rockets are all likely to step up, express interest and try and work a S&T if they're successful in wooing Bosh.