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Thread: Bosh: "We're to the point where we have to win every game"

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    Default Bosh: "We're to the point where we have to win every game"

    Sure we won a game last night that we were suppose to win, but I'm not sure I'd be proud of that win. Hedo and Bargnani continued to disappoint. I'm not really sure the swap of Jose and Jack has really done anything. I'd prefer to have Jarrett back in the starting five myself.

    So realistically, we should win Monday night in Minny but come Wednesday we're in thick again for the next 4 games. I'm praying that we can compete for those games and not roll over dead like we have against some of our recent formidable opponents.

    Chris Bosh scored 36 points on Saturday, helping the Raptors pick up a much needed win over the Nets.

    "We're to the point where we have to win every game," said Bosh, who also had eight rebounds. "Give credit to everybody. We won a game we were supposed to win."

    "Sometimes we play down to our competition," added Raptors forward Reggie Evans. "But this was a good win for us not to play at the level of our competition."

    Bosh scored 15 of his points in the third quarter.

    "That's why you hear the talk about him and LeBron James and Dwyane Wade," Evans said.

    "I just had opportunities," Bosh added. "That's how I play basketball. Sometimes if I feel I can provide a spark for my team I come out and try to do that."
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    The only issue with what Bosh is saying is he should be substituting "we" for "me".

    Bosh is the team's leader whether he wants the job or not. It is up to Bosh to drag the rest of the team along if need be as he is the Raptors franchise guy.
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