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Thread: "Sell High"

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    Quote imanshumpert wrote: View Post
    Not a fan of that trade at all. This is really just a lateral move.
    Depends what happens with Harkless and #12.

    A lot of potential there.

    But reality is Raps and Magic unlikely trading partners.

    Still would love Harkless.

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    Quote imanshumpert wrote: View Post
    I still don't see the logic in shipping DeMar out unless it's a move that clearly and definitively improves the team. Makes no sense to do it just because his value is high.

    I'm not talking about lateral moves either. IMO the only trades that make sense for DeMar right now are as part of a package for a superstar or for a top 5 pick if Masai thinks we need to go for a rebuild.

    Any other trade doesn't move the damn needle and is pointless

    "Reply With Quote" is working again!!!

    Although it seems like we are in disagreement, we do agree on the 1st bold, although, I'm a little more flexible about the 2nd bold. For instance, I'd be fine with a top 10 pick, plus a young player on a rookie deal. OR multiple draft picks.

    As for the third bold, I agree, making a move to make a move, that doesn't move the needle is pointless. However, a move that may seem like it doesn't move the needle could potentially make a big difference.

    Here's a hypothetical to explain the thinking. Let's say that we trade Demar for another player that has the same talent level/potential/ceiling. That's a trade that doesn't move the needle right? Except that if the second player is younger and has more years on the rookie scale, and a different skill set, it could turn out to make a substantial difference. First, if the younger players skillset fits better with the other players on the floor then the output in general will be better (more wins, possible deeper playoffs). However, that savings in cap space may allow you to get more talented at another position (aka being able to afford Patrick Patterson off the bench instead of Tyler Hansborough).

    In terms of overall talent, the Raptors decreased with the Gay trade. And I'm not sure how many of us expected to play as well as we did following the trade. However, they removed a player whose skill set was duplicated, and increased the talent at other positions.

    A good counter-example, depending on how much you think the departure of Granger affected the Pacer's chemistry, would be the Granger-Evans trade. It seemed like a low risk move that wouldn't move the needle. Trade a player with duplicate skill set who wasn't playing very much (Granger/George), for a younger player that addresses a need (Evans and bench scoring). It's hard to say how much of the Pacer's implosion was due to Danny's departure, and it's not like he moved the needle much for the Clippers, but still, a move that doesn't seem like it moves the needle talent was, can make a big difference (both positive and negative).
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