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Thread: All-NBA Teams Announced: Lowry and DD Snubbed

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    I have Lowry even with Dragic, and probably ahead of Parker and Lillard.

    It's close enough that it's not definitively a mistake, but the fact he needed quadruple the points he actually received to make it is absurd.

    DeRozan wasn't a snub, unless you believe shooting guards should be separated from point guards, which I kind of do.

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    I legitimately had Lowry at least on All-NBA third team and would have had him over Parker and definitely Lillard (who is the only one there that looks relatively out of place).

    In all honesty, DD really didn't have a case here (unless you count SG and PG separately). The PG is the deepest position and it wouldn't be a surprise to see them have taken all six spots either.

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