So as the season progresses more information surfaces about the coming off-season. Now it seems that Amare Stoudamire is leaning towards free agency:

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Let's just assume for a minute that Amare longs for a change in scenery and decides he's going to sign elsewhere. The Suns have a choice to make now. Their star PG is aging, their star PF is leaving, rebuild or push on? In the west the best thing to do might be to rebuild. I mean without Stoudamire they would be hard pressed to challenge the likes of the Lakers, Mavs and Nuggets. If they choose to rebuild, who's the first chip on the table? Steve Nash. My question to you is this, would you like to see Steve come home to Canada and finish out his playing career here? If so what do you feel would be required to land the guy?

Personally, I feel first and foremost if the Raptors have any chance at keeping Bosh they're going to have to make a big impact move in the off-season to show Chris the team is still trying to take a step forward. Landing a guy like Nash would change the whole dynamic of the team. Nash would bring a level of leadership and professionalism never seen on a Raptors squad before. He's is getting old but his level of play has not regressed and neither has his health or durability. I think the twilight of his career is begining to shape up to one similar of John Stockton. John played good ball until the age of 41 before calling it quits. If Nash followed that path he would still have five years left in the tank. Beyond that he's the engine that "Colangelo ball" was built on.