This is great the Raptors are doing this and if DeRozan's play as of late is any indication that this type of tutelage is working I hope Hughes does more of it.

I imagine none of you see this because the lights arenít on and the broadcast hasnít started but about 90 minutes before each game, assistant coach Eric Hughes and DeMar DeRozan sit down for a little tutorial that I finally got around to asking about.

Itís either on the bench or in the seats but they sit there with a laptop for about 10 or 20 minutes deep in conversation.

Because Iím an astute observer of things, I figure theyíre not watching GruntTV (although who could blame them if they are) and I ask Eric about it last night.

Seems what theyíre watching is video of DeMar from the previous game, going over what he did right, and what he did wrong.

With some many people offering so much advice to a 20-year-old rookie, the staff figures if he gets some quiet time before a game going over what happened the last time out and what he can correct, itís going to do more to stay fresh in his mind when that nightís action gets under way.

Itís a good teaching tool, and a smart thing to do. Make fresh in his mind the mistakes he might have made so he doesnít repeat them.

Small thing but, perhaps, with big dividends.
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