After sleeping on this, I've come to the conclusion: F*** Phoenix.

Here is what happened last night from my inside sources (note: when I say inside sources, I mean the voices inside my head, not actually anyone in Raptors front office because I'm really a nobody on the internet):

- No one knew about this kid because the Raptors promised him he'd be selected at 37 on the condition he did NOT workout for any other team. Clearly Masai has a relationship within BWB to be trusted enough to follow through on his word.

- This is why he was a 'surprise' - no one knew about him except San Antonio, Toronto, Phoenix, and (maybe) Utah with Phoenix knowing about him because of Barbosa.

- As the draft is unfolding, Phoenix knows about the deal with Memphis. They know Raps are going to take Bruno at 22. So they tried a gamble: take the hometown kid Ennis thinking the Raps will cough up Bruno and (maybe 37? cash?) to get Ennis.

- Guess what? It failed. I'd love to see Tyler Ennis in a Raptor uniform but reality is Bruno is the youngest player in this draft with just as much upside as anyone not named Embiiid - in my opinion. In reality I feel bad for Ennis. I don't think they picked him to actually keep him.

- Glad Ujiri stuck to his guns. Wish he could have snagged something for Salmons and/or Hansbrough though.

- Very happy with pick. Like really really really happy. If this kid works out for teams during draft process, I think there is a much different spin on this pick and a different reaction.

SO as I was saying: F*** Phoenix.