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Thread: Knicks Won't Rush Rebuild --- Very Interesting

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    Default Knicks Won't Rush Rebuild --- Very Interesting

    LeBron James this summer, Carmelo Anthony next summer?

    The Knicks actually are in position to work the 2010-2011 superstar exacta if things fall a certain way.

    Anthony, who headlines the 2011 free-agent class, visits the Garden tonight with the powerhouse Nuggets, looking to duplicate the 50 points he hung on the Knicks in Denver on Nov. 28 in a 128-125 win.

    Knicks president Donnie Walsh has been on a campaign to alert the team's fans that all the cap room does not have to be filled this July, when the Knicks have space to sign two maximum free agents.

    If they sign one maximum guy such as James or Joe Johnson and re-sign David Lee, they'll probably be in position to have enough room for another maximum player in 2011, with Eddy Curry's $12M coming off the books after next season.

    "We got this thing [cap] down under, and now have to manage our cap to the best of our ability, taking into consideration what could be available to us as we go on [each summer]," Walsh told The Post yesterday.

    Walsh admits he's not going to waste money on a free agent he's not crazy about just to fill up their 2010 cap space.

    "I won't," Walsh promised. "Without in any way encouraging you to write about the names of the 2011 free-agent, class, yes. Of course. We're looking at it over a five-year period."
    NY Post

    And he also discussed the not-so-ambiguous comments Knicks president Donnie Walsh made to the New York Post, suggesting that even though the Knicks have money to spend this summer, they are looking at rebuilding over the next couple years — and Melo could be available after 2011.

    "I really don't know what's going to happen the next year," Anthony said. "I don't know what's going to happen. But I don't see why anybody wouldn't want to play here in New York."
    Denver Post

    Get ready NBA fans because the season is winding down and if you have a star player coming off a contract soon chances are he's going to be linked to the Knicks before or after the game.

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    I just hope the NYK's won't become like the Yankees which pretty much killed competitive baseball in the last 12-14 years.

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    It's amazing how much ink the Knicks get. Everyday, another story about a f/a ..even if its a year away. I dont know if any of the frontline f/as this year want to "waste" a year for a maybe next year. Donnie Walsh or the team trainer can fart (imaginary or not) and it's news. The team stories would be insufferable if they were actually any good.

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