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I'm not really sold on that yet.

He'll offer 0 D. And NBA 3s are really long and quick, it's a different game.

Guys like that who played at a high level for four years are supposed to perform in summer league, so that hasn't really changed my opinion.
Well if Mike Dunleavy can be part of their D, McDermott can. Dunleavy has been a bad defender his whole career.

And McDermott can already hit 3 pointers. So will he be such a huge liability on D (again, comparing to Dunleavy) that he won't help their team?

Their wing rotation last year after the Deng trade was basically just Dunleavy and Butler, with a rookie Snell. Now Snell has a year under his belt, and McDermott is a rookie who can shoot the heck out of the ball. That seems pretty good to me. They also won't have to use as many small perimeter lineups this year.