Courtesy of Jeff Fox from Hoopshype.

Chris Bosh is off to a blazing start this season, putting up historical numbers. Do you think he can keep it up and what changes have you seen to his game this year?

I think he can play at these numbers for the whole season. He has worked in the summer. He gained a few pounds of real muscle. He is comfortable with his more powerful body. He’s a good guy underneath the basket – now he likes to bang even more. He is trying to add a few fancy moves to his game, but I don’t want to mention the three-point shot – that’s not necessarily what I am talking about! The good thing about Chris is that he is working at his game. He wants to get better. He wants to get to the next level. So, the improvement is an improvement mental, physical, technical. And that is what he is showing right now. He is becoming more of a leader - more of a noisy guy, in the good sense of the word. He is becoming a better player and a better leader for the group. I think his commitment is very, very clear.

Do you expect any progress during this season in your efforts to re-sign him?

MG: I don’t see anything happening as the season goes along. And I don’t think he is the type of guy who wants to even talk about it. I think we all have the same goal – get the most out of the season and we want to be as successful as possible, no doubt.
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